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Beer Men's Shed is for each member to use to do the type of work that they enjoy.

Members may make or repair items just for themselves.  Sometimes they may give some of the work that they have done

with the aim of generating donations from visitors and other members.  In other cases, organisations or individuals may

commission work from Beer Men's Shed in return for an appropriate donation.


24 May 2019 - Raising money via the East Devon County Council Crowdunder project


We've now started fund-raising using Crowdfunder, so that any money that we raise gets taken into account by East Devon

 District Council, and hopefully the council will match whatever we raise.


If you'd like to give a donation to Beer Men's Shed, please go to



16 May 2019 - Delivering 50 Dormouse Nesting Boxes and raising money


We've now completed our first commission for East Devon District Council (see below) and we have another six

commissions in the pipeline, including making a new notice board to replace the old one on Sea Hill in Beer.

We've also received a grant of £300 from Devon County Council, and the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

(AONB) has confirmed that it will be donating £1,972 towards the purchase of larger tools and equipment.

"Devon Life" has included a photo of Beer Men's Shed participants at the event for male carers organised by Action East Devon

 at Seaton Jurassic - see the June 2019 issue, page 183.


3 April 2019 - Beer Men's Shed gets its first Commission


The Countryside Team at East Devon District Council, among its other tasks, maintains Nature Reserves across East Devon. 

One of these is at Knapp Copse, near Putts Corner on the road from Beer towards Honiton and Ottery St Mary,

and which is also, like Beer, in the East Devon Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB).  The hazel dormouse, which is

the only native dormouse species in the UK, has apparently disappeared from half of the UK counties in which it used

to be found - but they still live in Knapp Copse.  The Countryside team needs to check the stability of the dormouse

population in the nature reserve, but to do that, they have to catch the dormice napping.  And to do that, they have

to know where the dormice are sleeping.  By mounting nesting boxes around Knapp Copse, the rangers are able to find

and count the dormice population, check on their health and ensure that they are doing well.  The Countryside Team has

commissioned Beer Men's Shed to make 50 dormouse nesting boxes to support the team's conservation work.  This also

supports Beer Men's Shed by providing meaningful and purposeful activities for men in Beer and the surrounding area,

benefiting the local community as well as wildlife, the countryside and the environment.


11 March 2019 - Beer Men's Shed is constituted as an association


Men who are living on their own or caring for a partner or family member can get stuck indoors without realising it. 

Particularly after they've retired, they can feel that they have lost purpose in their life, as well as many friends.  They

can become isolated, lonely and depressed, and this can impact both their physical health and their mental health.

A group of men in Beer have come together to create "Beer Men's Shed" - an association that plans to create a workshop

environment that men in the surrounding area can go to in order to meet like-minded men, talk, make things, repair things

and have the chance to socialise - even if it's just sitting and having a cup of tea with other men. 

Beer Men's Shed was formally constituted today.  It has begun the process of setting up a bank account so that donors can

help this initiative with funding, whether they are private individuals, businesses, local authorities or charities.  These

funds will be used towards tools and equipment as well as for a shed that the members can share to meet and work in.

And it received its first donation straight away, with a cheque for £150 from the Beer Bag Project.

Beer Men's Shed aims to become active in April 2019.



If you'd like to find out more about how you could join in Beer Men's Shed,

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