Beer Men's Shed

Chairman Chris Pickles receiving AONB Acland Award from Lord Cameron of Dillington on behalf of Beer Men's Shed

How can I help?

As a local initiative, Beer Men's Shed needs the support of the local community. Most importantly, that means getting local men involved in the Shed. If you know anyone in the area who is the kind of person who would like to make things or repair things, let them know about Beer Men's Shed.

Showing that we have the support of the local community is key to getting funding from relevant sources such as charities, local councils and local organisations. If you're in one of these types of organisation, and if you can provide us with a "letter of support", that helps us to show potential donors that we have the local community behind us.

As the Beer Men's Shed initiative is starting from scratch, any donation that you could give, or get your organisation to give, would be greatly appreciated. We need to get a shed and tools and equipment and insurance, and the sooner that we can get the doors of Beer Men's Shed open for users, the sooner we start to help men in the local area.

Pointing us in the right direction of potential sources of funding can also be of great assistance.

We'd already like to thank the Beer Bag Project for giving a donation of £150 towards setting up the Shed, as well as to Action East Devon for pledging a donation of £500 towards the cost of tools and equipment.

supported by

DEFRA, East Devon AONB